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“Places of strength” in St.Petersburg

Do you wish to become successful, rich and happy? Perhaps, you would like to have everything at once? And you are going to St Petersburg? Then this post is for you!


1) Alexander’s Column.
One of the city’s “places of strength” is considered to be Alexander’s column, rising up above the Palace Square.
Try to walk around the column clockwise three times visualizing your wish. Those who have done it say that if your desire is strong enough, your wish will come true.
The very story of creation of this monument is rather mysterious.
The official history thoroughly describes how the granite for a solid column with the weight of 600 tons was mined. By the way, in the 19th century barges could bear only up to 10 tons, which is already something to think over.



2) Zayachy (Hare’s) island, Peter and Paul’s Fortress

This is where the story of the Northern Capital has begun. On the little Zayachy island the Saint Petersburg fortress was founded, which was later renamed to St Peter and Paul’s, after the cathedral built on its territory.
If you make a wish looking at the angel on the spire of the cathedral, it will definitely come true.
Zayachy island was built-up rather rapidly. Some buildings survived up to the present moment almost unchanged. Next to the cathedral the sepulcher was built for tsars and grand princes. It had 60 underground burial vaults. Most Russian rulers of 18th and 19th centuries are buried there.



3) Spit of Basil’s island

When Peter I founded Peter and Paul’s Fortress on Zayachy island, he wanted St Petersburg to be a naval fortress and trade centre. However, due to shallow waters the port on Petrogradskaya side could not develop efficiently, so it was decided to move it to the Basil’s island.

The eastern cape of the island, where Neva river is divided into Big and Small neva, was called the Spit of Basil’s island.
Here is the “place of strength” which helps in business and sales, enriching and attracting clients. It is best to write your wish down on a piece of paper, make a paper boat and let it sail on the waters of Neva river. 

For the girls who dream of getting married, an excellent way to find their only one is to kiss the face of the granite lion. It is considered that this procedure releases the celibacy wreath.
People are all attracted to this place, but why? The Stock Exchange building, the two lighthouses – Rostral columns, two rows of finely cut linden trees, the luxurious Winter Palace on the left, the green cloud of the Summer Garden in the distance, the airy Trinity bridge and granite Estacada, followed by solid granite of Peter and Paul’s Fortress with the fine spire of the Cathedral and its angel watching the city.

The architectural genius gathered all these masterpieces in one unified landscape, which cannot be seen in any other city in the world.
It doesn’t matter which season it is, what time of the day, anytime you come here, you get an enormous supply of energy and happiness! The power of nature, the expurgatory power of the big river and the power of the human talent and work are all concentrated here.

Touch the magic of our great city. We are expecting you in the Northern capital of Russia – St Petersburg

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