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Catherine’s Palace

On the territory of Catherine’s and Alexander’s parks there are over 100 architectural monuments. Spread on the surface of about 300 hectares. They are magnificent palaces and intimate pavilions, bridges and marble statues, as well as exotic constructions in gothic, Turkish and Chinese style, giving romantic atmosphere to the landscape.

The palaces and parks of the Tsarskoe Selo ensemble were greatly damaged in the WWII. Catherine’s Palace was on the occupied territory during 28 months, and by 1944 turned into burnt ruins. Some of the park pavilions were partly or completely destroyed, other buildings of the complex were also seriously damaged. In the ruined parks of Tsarskoe Selo about 25 bridges, 50 dams and cascades were destroyed.

Now, in over 70 years after the war, the restoration and refurbishing works in the preserve that started in 1950s, can definitely be called one-of-a-kind in the international practice. Architects and restorers are reviving the priceless heritage of the past up to the present, using traditional materials and technologies of gilding, stone carving, molding and other crafts of 18-19 century craftsmen. Their secrets are constantly discovered in the old documents and archives.

Catherine’s Palace 1944/2016. Great Hall



Банер в блог

Catherine’s Palace 1944/2016. First Anticamera


Catherine’s Palace 1944/2016. Main staircase



Банер в блог

Photo made by Sergei Larenkov

Do you live on the principle “all at once”?

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Do you love traveling? Then a cruise is your chance to visit maximum of cities within the minimum of time and get familiar with cultures and traditions of different countries.
Summer is especially great time for a unique opportunity to feel the cool breeze and enjoy the northern spirit of the ports of Scandinavia and Northern Europe, as well as visit one of the most sophisticated Russian cities, amazing in its magnificence – Saint-Petersburg.
Here is some information about cruise destinations, ships, prices and services for cruises departing from Scandinavian ports.
• Costa cruise line is the endless world of tempting sea voyages.


Cruises depart from Stockholm, Sweden, or Copenhagen, Denmark.

First of all Costa Cruises has high requirements to the ships and their crew. The passenger cabins are always ideally clean; the food is cooked exclusively by highly professional cooks. Another advantage of sea voyages by Costa Cruises is the excellent combination of high quality service and affordable prices. Those who book in advance will additionally be pleasantly surprised, as the line offers good discounts for them.

The ships are Costa Luminosa **** and Costa Favolosa **** all inclusive, with culinary shows, open swimming pool with glass roof, majestic design and modern technology equipment.
From 549 EUR per person for 7 nights

• International company Royal Caribbean cruise line is the highest standard of comfort.

The cruises on Royal Caribbean International ships also give an opportunity to arrange entertaining activities for both adults and kids. The rich entertainment program is designed so all generrations could find an activity to their liking, such as sports, casinos or real theatre performances, whose level is close to that of Broadway. However, the list of activities does not end here.
The ships of Royal Caribbean International always have a few cafes and restaurants. Apart from that, there is room service, delivering meals to passenger cabins. There are also a lot of opportunities not only for fine dining, but also for burning the calories: climbing walls, swimming pools, basketball and volleyball courts and even golf simulators are available on most ships. For instance, the climbing walls can be found on each cruise vessel. For those who prefer learning something new even being on holidays, different lessons and worshops are organized, including dancing and foreign languages classes.

Cruises depart from Stockholm, Sweden, and Copenhagen, Denmark.
The ship Serenade of the Seas**** has different entertaining activities onboard, such as workshops, comedy performances, live music, a night club, open-air cinema.
From 1566 EUR per person for 7 nights

• Norwegian Cruise Line operates on the sea tourist market for more than 50 years.

Cruises depart from Copenhagen, Denmark.
There are different family activities on the ship Norwegian Getaway****, as well as free educating programs for kids and teenagers. There are also 19 restaurants for your chioce, a buffet with culinary shows, Jazz&Blues club with live music.
From 1129 EUR per person for 9 nights

• Disney Cruise Line is the company with the atmosphere of a holiday and family paradise.

Cruises depart from Copenhagen, Denmark.
The ship Disney Magic has various entertaining programs onboard, such as Disney musicals, a movie theatre, theme parties, interaction with Disney characters, fireworks, dress-up games, entertainment and education centers, video games, dance floor and a lot more.
From 1649 EUR per person for 7 nights