Nothing surprising that even the members of the imperial family were helpless and lost facing different diseases, which sometimes were rather peculiar. However, even in this very special field they occasionally were quite initiative and tried to cure illnesses by their own efforts. For instance, the Emperor Peter I was such a multi-talented ruler, that he attended medical lectures, and was particularly fond of pulling out teeth. By the way, the teeth were not necessarily holed, sometimes they were absolutely fine.

The desire to learn more and more new things made the Emperor to be the first in the line for new skills and information. The fearless Peter liked practicing the new things he learnt straight away, especially those he was taught abroad. He was particularly glad to learn dentistry, and as soon as someone of his associates complained about a toothache, he grabbed his box with medical instruments (which he always carried everywhere) and pulled the tooth out.
Very often good teeth also suffered from Peter’s enthusiasm. You can still see the proof of it in the Kunstkamera museum, where the dreadful instruments and the collection of teeth, pulled out by the imperial hand.

Банер в блог 2

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