It sounds unbelievable, but the Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter I, was known as one of the most beautiful women in Europe, however, she was not educated. She was mainly interested in her own beauty, dresses and parties, than in education and science. She never read books, and even being the head of the state she did not know, for instance, that Great Britain was an island. She was a living proof that beautiful women have only one task in their life, which is just sit and look pretty. Elizabeth loved dressing up, and after her death about 15 000 dresses were found in her wardrobes – sure, as an Empress she could not allow herself to appear in public in one and the same dress twice!

By the way, she was also known as “cheerful Elizabeth”, as her balls and parties were running up to 5 am and gained the world fame. But looking pretty was still important, so Elizabeth forbade to install candles and chandeliers up on the ceiling – they should have been on the level of her face, so no one sees the shadows under her eyes. Besides, the Empress could regularly check how she looked in the innumerous mirrors in the interiors – they came in fashion right in her reign. Coincidence? Don’t think so.

Elizabeth was particularly fond of masquerades, where she ordered all gentlemen to wear women’s outfits. The very thought of the poor men having to wear huge dresses of the 18th century can make you cry. On the other hand, the ladies had to wear military uniforms with very tight pants. Elizabeth strongly believed that there are no legs in the world that are more beautiful than her own, so she was very happy when the ladies did not look too well in the military outfits. Just as the queen in a well known fairy tale, she could not allow anyone to look better than Her Majesty.

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