You can visit Menshikov Palace, which is a part of the Hermitage Museum, for free. This is something pleasant that November 2016 offers you. 

The largest bank of Russia – Sberbank – is celebrating its 175th birthday and free admission to the Hermitage is their gift for the dwellers and guests of St Petersburg. Even though they do not open the main complex for free access, Menshikov Palace is also an incredible place to visit. Honestly, how many of you have been there? Apart from the luxurious palace interiors, you have a unique chance to see the restores copy of the most famous painting by Jheronimus Bosch “Garden of Earthly Delights” (central part).
You can visit the Palace every day (except Mondays) from 12 to 30 November in the working hours of the Hermitage. Great time to see and learn something new!

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