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There are lots and lots of picturesque places in the Northern capital of Russia, however, there are views that are more popular than others. If you don’t have photos with them, no one is going to believe that you’ve been to St Petersburg. Here are some spots that you will definitely want a picture of:
Peter and Paul’s Fortress. Being the very heart and the very beginning of St Petersburg, this is quite a remarkable place. The spire of the Peter and Paul’s Cathedral is the highest point of the city centre and one of the landmarks. The typical postcard picture is the cathedral spire caught between the two halves of the Palace Bridge going up. Have a night walk and see if you can get such a photo.


Savior on the Spilled Blood. This is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in St Petersburg, and also one of the most “Russian” construction in this very European city. This church looks like a stone flower, and its other peculiarity is that it is built right on the canal. When you look at it, it seems like the building is floating. So the program view is the canal embankment, leading to the cathedral.


Palace Square. You cannot possibly visit St Petersburg without taking a picture of its main square and the building with the longest façade in Europe – the General Staff Building, which was recently restored and is now housing the Impressionist collection of the Hermitage. Make sure the central arch of the building is right in the middle of your photo, and the Alexander’s Column in the centre of the square divides the shot into two equal parts – proportion is the key to harmony!


St Isaac’s Cathedral. This is the fourth biggest cathedral in Europe, so there is absolutely no chance you can miss it. It is photographed from all possible angles, in all seasons and at all times of the day, so there are millions of pictures with this view. The most popular one would probably be the shot made from the St Isaac’s square, from under the monument to Nicholas I – look for the horseman in the centre.


Bank bridge. This is not only a beautiful and popular tourist spot, but also one of the “magic” places of St Petersburg. If you wish to have financial growth, make your wish between the golden-winged griffons, and they will fly to fulfill it as soon as they can. As a bonus, you can take a postcard picture with the bridge, which has already become one of the symbols of St Petersburg.

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